Is It Possible To Advance Without A Group?

laitman_245_09Question: With what should I begin the path of the soul, spiritual life?

Answer: With virtual study or from ordinary study in our courses. Then as you advance in your studies, you will feel that you need a group.

Question: Why are you so sure that it is impossible to advance without a group? I have met quite a few people who claim that they quite successfully practice Kabbalah without a group. Even Baal HaSulam doesn’t mention it in his writings. After all he never had a group.

Answer: There are numerous articles about the need for a group, not by modern Kabbalists. Kabbalists have written very clearly about the importance of the group for ages. You simply don’t know the sources.

Question: Rabash had one teacher, his father Baal HaSulam. What is the shortest way to the Creator: in a group where the optimal number of people is ten, or one-on-one with a wise teacher?

Answer: Baal HaSulam had a group of students and Rabash was one of them. Then Rabash also organized a group in which I studied together with other students. After having studied with Rabash for some time, I asked him what I needed in order to continue to advance and he answered: “nothing will help you unless you organize a group.”

His group included a few old men with whom he had studied with Baal HaSulam. This group did not suit me, so I began to collect young men and gave lectures to them. This is how a new group was created.

It is impossible to study the wisdom of Kabbalah without a group. Without a group, you will not understand anything and will surely not achieve anything!
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/30/16

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