Book Written On The Heart

laitman_602_01Question: Why did many great Kabbalists not write any books at all?

Answer: There usually are two types of Kabbalists according to the nature of their soul: souls from the Inner Light or from the Surrounding Light.

For example, Rabbi Shimon didn’t write The Book of Zohar by himself but through his disciple Rabbi Aba who could disclose the words of Rabbi Shimon in such a way that throughout generations only those who were ready for it understood it.

Look what secrets are hidden in the writing of Kabbalistic books where a Kabbalist writes and knows that some person will appear in two thousand years who will be permitted to understand this text, and only to a certain place and no more.

Question: How did Kabbalists manage to write such books?

Answer: The thing is that we all are in one upper system that is called First Man, – Adam HaRishon, Adam, one soul, and a Kabbalist can control this system. And we are his spiritual offspring; therefore, he can determine everything for us. The one who goes in front determines the path of the following generations.

A Kabbalist doesn’t just record the text of the book, but creates crosspieces in the system of the common soul. Thus, he establishes the channels for the transmission of the upper Light for all future souls that are yet to be revealed, which will flow to them and fill them.

This is what is called writing a Kabbalistic book, as it is written, “Write on your heart.” The text on paper is just symbols through which we can connect with the book according to our desire.

If you see a book that you absolutely can’t understand, but you want very much to understand it, then your desire reaches the inner mechanism of creation through the letters and you connect to the source of the Light that begins influencing you.

Question: Will I feel what is happening to me?

Answer: Definitely! The inner screen will appear in you, on which you will see the entire spiritual world. Everything written in the book will appear before you as if on a theatrical stage.
From the Virtual Lesson “The Time of Kabbalah” 6/13/17

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