How Can We Fill The Desires Of Billions Of People?

laitman_929Question: There are two forces through which nature or the Creator operates: the force of receiving and the force of bestowal. A lot has been written about the force of receiving, but what is the force of bestowal and how is it expressed?

Answer: The force of bestowal is expressed when instead of feeling my own desire and filling it, I feel the desire external to me, someone else’s desire, and fill it.

Question: If that’s so, will I feel the desires of eight billion people and will want to bestow unto them as if they were all my friends?

Answer: How can you bestow unto them? What have you got to give?

Comment: At least a positive, kind attitude.

Answer: No, you have to connect to the Creator and become a conductor of the upper Light in order to fill their desires.

Question: What does the Creator fill them with?

Answer: With Light. You have to attach their desires to you and want what they want, ask the Creator for a filling for their desires inside you, fill them inside you, and then they will be detached from you.

This is the work a Kabbalist performs. Thus, a person attains a whole eternal system, and by his incorporation in it, he brings the system to the next level of wholeness.

Question: And what do people want? After all, they have thousands of desires.

Answer: It doesn’t matter. The fact that in our world they want billions of things makes no difference. They want the Creator’s Light.

Question: Does all that have to be done only in one’s thoughts or does something physical have to be done for them?

Answer: You don’t have to do anything physical. You should only work on them internally and they will not even feel how you fill them.

Along with working on them, you first and foremost fill yourself, because first you receive and then pass it on to them. When you fill them, you also prepare them for the same independent work that you perform on them.

Question: Will a person who conveys the Light become worthy of it at a certain point?

Answer: It is a person’s fate. It is his state in the general system of the souls. There are souls that connect; there are upper and lower souls; there are those who determine; there are those that complement, etc., and there are simple souls.

But this is meaningless since eventually there will be no difference between us. Everyone will attain the same thing to the same degree. But as long as we have not corrected everything and have not filled each other, there are upper and lower souls and many other types and many differences.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/12/17

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