Trump And The Media

laitman_263In the News (Forbes): “Despite President Donald Trump’s relentless attacks on the ‘fake news’ media, a new poll from Quinnipiac University finds that more Americans trust the media than Donald Trump.

“A majority of Americans, 52%, said they trust the news media over Donald Trump to tell the truth about important issues. Only 37% said they trusted Trump more. …

“Americans remain divided over Trump’s self-declared war on the mainstream media, but for now support for the press is holding steady.”

Question: Do you believe that this mistrust will keep growing?

Answer: I don’t know. Trump may establish a very interesting connection between himself and the world. He uses Twitter and this is what he resorts to. He doesn’t need anyone; he doesn’t need the media. He dares to speak out against them and he makes his views public. This means that he has annihilated all the media: “You can say whatever you want but I say differently,” and that’s it.

Question: This is why the media hates him?

Answer: Of course they hate him. He’s killing them. Nothing has changed and nothing has been harmed the way the media has been harmed. Thus, he did a great and powerful service to all of humanity.

Comment: CNN is, after all, an empire. We are speaking about billions of dollars!

My Comment: Whereas Trump says: “I don’t want to speak to you,” which means that everything they say is naturally aimed against him, but people must not believe it. No one before him, no president nor any other celebrity, could say such things about the media.

Comment: I would like to draw your attention to the fact that CNN has already been pushed aside. The press is already saying: “Trump tweeted…”

My Comment: Yes, and that’s wonderful. All these terrible sources of the evil of mankind, which are called the media, are in fact tools to massively make the public dumb, and they are gradually being defeated. They have merged with governments, with tycoons, and they are already called the fifth rule. I hope there will not be too much “bloodshed,” and that everyone will see that the media has learned that they have to change first.

Question: Does this mean that the government and the people will connect directly?

Answer: Only directly. No one will believe the press or the TV channels, nothing.

Question: What type of connection does nature demand of us?

Answer: Nature demands an absolute connection between all of mankind to such a degree that the internal force of nature called the Creator will be revealed between them, so that they will understand the whole physiology of the rule of nature, its internal essence, its plan, its goal, and will work together with this immense force.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/12/17

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