A Special Illumination Through The Group

laitman_962.1The group is the face of the Creator, His image. He has no other image but “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are one.” Therefore, there is: “Me, the group, and the Creator”—three components that connect into one. Or we can say that behind each friend is the Creator. The same Creator that I wish to see, I must build in my relations with my friends.

To advance to the Creator, I need to perform a completely different action to build His image, as I imagine it, in my relations with my friends. Let’s check if I identify the image of the Creator in the group or not? Do I organize the group according to the image of the Creator that I imagine? Do we connect to each other to build the image of the Creator in our relations?

It is said: “You have made Me.” It is as if I take clay or play dough and form the image of the Creator in the relationship with friends. From above downward, the Creator creates a person, and from below upward, a person creates the Creator.1

The light that leads to the connection with the Creator is primary. It is small, weak, but close. And the light that gives connection to the group is strong, multifaceted, powerful. They differ like an audio signal transmitting only voice in comparison with a video signal transmitting a complete picture with a lot of data.

First, the Creator awakens me with a thin ray in which there is nothing but this brief awakening. But through the group, a window through which I can reveal all of reality until the end of correction opens for me because the group represents the image of the Creator.

Final correction means that we expand our Kli of perception so that it contains the entire manifestation of the Creator, all His infinite bestowal. That is, I must discover a limitless connection in the ten, and this will be the final correction.

If I aspire to the Creator without a ten, then this is still an egoistic awakening due to the fact that the Creator excites me. Still, I already see that one should not drown in one’s egoism, but I supposedly want to find a desire belonging to the Creator. This is still an egoistic attitude but already a step forward.

If I want to connect with the Creator through the group, it means that a special illumination comes to me through it. Maybe I still do not understand this, but subconsciously I feel and begin to reach for the group. Therefore, the group becomes important to me.

The desire for the group suggests that a person receives illumination through it. I want to cling to the Creator so I cling to the group, which for me acquires the importance of the Creator.

To the extent that I imagine the Creator within the group and the group brings itself to be in equivalence of form with the Creator, to that extent I am in adhesion with both of them and really find the Creator in the group. This means that the vessel and the light become equal and the light begins to clothe itself inside the desire.2
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/14/19, Preparation to the Europe Convention

1 Minute 20:00
2 Minute 43:25

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