How Names Are Given To Phenomena And Objects

laitman_961.2Question: When I reach a state higher than the one I am in now, will I be able to give my name to this state? Or will I only reveal the names that we study in Kabbalah?

Answer: That is correct. You will reveal these states as they are called in Kabbalah. You will look, say, at a wine glass and say: “Oh! This is called a wine glass. Wine-glass.” Actually, you never knew this word before, but when you see this object, you will understand what it is called.

And this is so with everything that you find at any degree of any world. This is where the name comes from in Kabbalah. Only from attainment.

In our world, names are given from the attainment of the root and the branch. Since everything that is at the level of our world comes from the upper world, the Kabbalists, knowing these roots, gave names to the objects of our world. Therefore, this is how terminology in our world came about.

All this is described in Kabbalistic books. In fact, this was done by Adam 5,780 years ago.
From KabTV’s Fundamentals of Kabbalah,”1/5/20

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