Seeing The Creator Behind Each Friend

laitman_544Question: How can I protect myself from weakening because of the negative words and emotions that I often get from others studying Kabbalah?

Answer: You should treat this very simply: There is no one else; there is only the Creator. He dresses in all the friends who seem to exist to you, and through them He conducts His exercises on you.

Suddenly it seems that the friends are saying something to you, or neglecting you, or humiliating you. In fact, it is not them, but the Creator who treats you this way. Therefore, always pay attention to them, but keep in mind that you receive it from the Creator.

Therefore, you should see the Creator behind each friend. Then you will have no complaints about them but only about yourself or the Creator.

Question: Does all this come from the Creator for the purpose of our advancement?

Answer: Certainly.

Question: Does humiliation advance a person?

Answer: Every moment of your life is meant only in order to advance you. The Creator constantly drags you to Him, even when you do not feel it. This is what He does.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 6/23/19

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