The Other Souls Are A Focusing Prism For Seeing The Creator

ourA question I received: How can I see where I am with regard to the spiritual world?

My Answer: When you are searching, when you want to ascend, advance and reveal the spiritual world, you have to know where you are relative to it. You have to discover this inside your qualities, through the distance or time that separate you from spirituality. It’s like someone who is ill: he has to know the cause of his illness and what stands in the way of him being healthy. In our case, we must come to understand that we need the Light that returns one to the Source.

Then we will quickly understand that contrary to what we once thought, it is impossible to advance individually. You can only advance by being connected with others. Actually, the only way to advance is toward the connection with others. Through this connection, you will reveal the quality of bestowal – the Creator. So, the real difficulty is in how to connect yourself, with others and with the Creator, so you are all together.

Usually, people are able to grasp the benefit of desiring a connection with the Creator, because He is the source of everything that exists. But people are immediately turned off when they learn that there is a condition of loving others, separating them from the Creator.

The unity of souls is the focusing prism. You will be able to see the Creator through this prism by gathering all the souls within you. Otherwise, you won’t be able to obtain the focus needed to reveal the Creator.

You are separated from the Creator by the broken vessel, which is the souls that you must unite. Yet, you also don’t understand that this is your salvation; that this is what will allow you to understand who the Creator is. This is only possible through this focusing prism. It is a system that connects all desires and aspirations toward the Creator. When we connect all of them together, we discover Him within.

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  1. How do you unite these souls with in you? By tying their desire for the Creator with yours? By feeling them as a part of you? Or by discovering your hatred towards them and desiring that that hatred be rooted out of you?

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