Seven Years Of Preparation For Escape

Laitman_514_04The “…seven years of great plenty…” (Genesis 41:29) are given to a person so that he can organize all the conditions of advancement for himself.   I try to be in bestowal, in connection with the group. I carry out actions and maintain various conditions. In the meantime, my evil inclination is not revealed. It is revealed, but on a human level, not on a spiritual level. Only after I prepare myself well do the “…seven years of famine…” (Genesis 41:30) begin. They don’t come just like that by chance, but rather as a result of a person’s effort.

A new king arises in Egypt. This means that I begin to identify that my desire, my nature, is evil. Until then, I didn’t think so. I didn’t understand that this was so. I heard that the ego is evil, and this is clear to everyone. However, I thought that I advanced, that I wanted to attain spirituality, and I didn’t understand that my nature is the evil inclination.

I, myself, must determine, recognize, that my entire nature, everything that is in me, is evil. It makes no difference what characteristic I pick.

But we are not talking about the desire itself, about the material, but about the intention. This means that I must understand and gradually reveal that the intention for every desire or all of my habits is the opposite of spirituality.

Seven years of famine is a critical understanding of the seven years of plenty. Now, I can examine and see that in truth there is not even one single characteristic within me with whose help it is possible to advance. Everything is under the control of an intention for the sake of reception. This is the work during the period of the seven years of famine.

However, I see this after I approach the Light, the Creator. I understand and feel what the spiritual world is more and more, meaning the intention for the sake of bestowal. There is a point in me called Moses that is connected to the force of bestowal. Thanks to that, I know that a force like this exists in the world.

Basically, I find it within me and not in other dimensions. This is my inner space, but, in the meantime, I don’t see it, I don’t identify it.

If I want to build an intention for the sake of bestowal on my desires that are found under the control of the intention “for the sake of reception,” under the dominance of Pharaoh—in other words, to have the Creator rule over them—this is called moving from slavery in Egypt to becoming a servant of the Creator. I see how difficult this is and that it is even impossible because in every desire and thought in mind and heart I am totally an egoist. I didn’t think this before!

Now, I constantly try to act for the sake of bestowal and see that everything goes out for the sake of reception. This is called the children of Israel passing through the 49 gates of Tuma’a (Impurity).

This is revealed to a person slightly, gradually, so as not to give him despair and so he would surrender. It is up to him to continue to check again and again, until everything is clarified to the end, and he would see that there is nothing in him that belongs to the sacred. So, his prayer will be complete, and his scream will be a true scream.

Only then will this be called MAN (prayer), and not before then, and help will come from above, which is called spiritual birth, the exodus from Egypt. Immediately, all at once, I will receive the ability to leave the dominance of the intention for the sake of reception that is called Pharaoh. I leave the control of Pharaoh and begin to acquire an intention for the sake of bestowal, and it is clear that this intention is clothed in the desires, in the characteristics, that were previously in me.

In the beginning, I only was preparing and had to be in a state of the “children of Israel,” in the immature state, in the right line (Kav Yamin) and even the middle line (Kav Emtzai). It is up to me to conquer Egypt, and I begin to be connected to it, in the meantime without understanding that this is the Egyptian slavery, and after that, the true Egypt is revealed to me with the seven years of famine, and then I get the power to escape. It is because I invested all effort in the right line, as it is written, “He hath swallowed down riches, and he shall vomit them up again…” (Job 20:15).
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/27/14, Writings of Rabash

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