The Time Of The Exterior Effect Is Over

laitman_528_04Question: We cannot take an example from the group because I don’t see anyone around me that deserves it. The only person I can take an example from is the teacher. Is it correct to do so or not?

Answer: This is not correct. You need to make efforts to see the friends in a nice way, but you look at them in an incorrect form, according to your idea, they are stupid and lazy.

You describe them in such a way, otherwise the ego and your pride will not let you live. You will be disappointed all the time because your friends are higher than you, and there are those that already have crossed the barrier (Machsom), and you haven’t achieved anything. If you would see the truth, you wouldn’t be able to stand it. Therefore, you are not shown it, and you can disrespect all the others. You have no possibility of seeing them in their real form and receiving aspiration. You cannot work toward the teacher as you work toward the friends. Your work toward the friend is to make him great in your eyes.

Question: But you said that if the student does not adhere to his teacher, he will not learn anything.

Answer: But what exactly does one need to learn? One learns from the teacher (Rav) how to adhere to the friends in order to reveal the Creator between them. The teacher is the guide that points to the direction to go. He does not call you to come to him; rather, he tells you to go in a certain direction! This is his role.

In our days we have reached a new and special situation that does not have a holy leader as was customary with the nation through generations because today the entire nation must reveal the Creator.

People need to be directed to the Creator and not worship their leader. This was once, but now completely different times have arrived. Before, there was no other way. The nation needed some leader that would take care of them so that a person would know that someone great prayed for him and would arrange his life.

However, today times are completely different because now we all must recognize the truth at least a bit. Someone at the level of first grade and someone at the level of fourth grade and someone at the level of university and someone at the level of a professor—it doesn’t matter which level—each one needs to attain the truth somehow.

We already exited those days, and the past will not return. There will be no other leaders for the spiritual correction of the world because everyone needs to reveal and know the Creator. Therefore, there is no place for Hassidism because, as it is written, “…for they shall all know Me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them…”

One comes to adhere to the Rav by constant and internal devotion and not by ritualistic actions. There is no room for that in our times. Or, you perform virtues, use amulets, or you help people to understand what the work of God is for them. The world needs correction, and for that we all need to work according to the same system, one for all.

The time of exterior effects is over because everything is concentrated internally. Of course for the simple person it is hard to stay on the road if he does not have the help of the influence of a “holy man,” including all his exterior signs. A person needs someone to take care of him like a big and important father, but this deflects him from his path. Therefore, there will be no more exterior effects because with them it is possible to attract those that are not capable of working on their correction.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/2/14, Writings of Rabash

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