What Can Lead To Spiritual Miscarriage

961.2Question: The embryo agrees with everything that is given to it, accepts everything as the best, although this is completely opposite to its egoism. If the embryo criticizes the food that the upper gives it and does not perceive it as good, then a process called miscarriage occurs, that is, a fall from the degree of the embryo.

What does it mean to criticize the food that the upper gives?

Answer: This means that he is dissatisfied with the way the Creator treats him.

Question: How can he be satisfied if he is an egoist?

Answer: A person who wants to correct himself asks the Creator for it, and the Creator corrects him, takes care of him, feeds him, that is, develops him correctly. But if a person does not perceive the processes the Creator is performing on him at the right time, and there is none else besides the Creator, then there is such disparity and tension between them that can lead to miscarriage.

He ceases to be in contact with the Creator and his entire spiritual essence disappears. Only his earthly body remains, which exists until a person regains the desire for spirituality and begins to strive again to become an embryo.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 8/6/21

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