Birth In Spirituality

232.04Comment: The embryo in the womb grows with its head up. When it is born, it turns its head down.

My Response: The fact is that it is not the embryo itself that acts this way, but the Creator. The embryo only cancels itself out.

The Creator turns it upside down, and everything that was in it leaves the previous step. It passes through the birth canal, it is born, the umbilical cord is removed, and after this it is already considered a newborn and begins an independent path. That is, as much as possible, it nullifies itself relative to the Creator in accordance with the conditions that it finds between itself and Him.

Question: While the embryo is undergoing intrauterine development there is neither time nor volume relative to it. But when a person is born, there is a different world, a different existence, where there is already air and everything else. When a person is born spiritually, does he also experience such a contrast?

Answer: Yes, it is a different world. So, it is said: “I saw the reverse world.” In the spiritual world, the property of bestowal and the property of receiving are reversed. Everything that was important to me becomes unimportant.

If in our world I and my benefit are important to me, the property of receiving prevails. In the spiritual world, giving to others prevails because through them I find myself connected with the Creator and they are the most important part of my soul.

In general, the others do not exist. The Creator and I exist. Everything that is between us is my soul. That is, I see all eight billion people as my real self. This, in principle, is the turnaround.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 8/6/21

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