Spiritual Birth

laitman_243_04Spiritual birth is a very complicated birth process. The lower is inside the upper and the womb is seemingly made of two doors, one of which has an axis. In the ninth month, the embryo completes its development and the doors begin to open and the mother feels an internal pressure, which is what we see in our world.


If we express this in Kabbalistic terms, the Gevurot that have developed (the limiting force, the Dinim) put pressure on the embryo who also wants to be free. On the whole, he undergoes a very serious process during his birth when these forces actually push him out, but they also shape him as a human being in the future.

This is the first drama in his life since before he was in a kind of rest house for nine months, in perfect tranquility, fully secure, fed, and all his needs provided for. But this state ends dramatically when he is born.

The attitude of his mother to him totally changes. She pushes him out as if she doesn’t want him anymore and he undergoes great pressure and is born.

The embryo develops in the mother’s womb with his head up and before he is born he turns upside down with his head downward, which means that he is detached from his previous values and doesn’t think like he did before, and this is how he is born under great pressure.

The exodus from Egypt is called spiritual birth, which in our world is symbolized by Pesach (Passover). First everything was right and good in Egypt. We developed normally in Egypt, inside our egoism.

Then Pharaoh’s attitude suddenly changed to such a degree that this Partzuf, the soul that develops, undergoes the ten plagues, called the ten Sefirot, which throw it out. The womb contracts, the birth canal opens, the water recedes (the water breaks).

The same thing happens in Egypt: the passage through the Red Sea is the passage through the water. Then the actual birth takes place.

Animals don’t undergo such a difficult process like man. For animals the birth does not involve such great pressure, while for humans the physical and the spiritual birth involve a great pressure indeed.

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