Salad With Salmonella

Laitman_506_6Question: The Health Department in Israel announced the removal of products from the Tahini factory HaNasich from store shelves due to contamination by Salmonella bacteria. Products of nine different brands were found contaminated with bacteria in which Tahini was used.

The Health Department determined that employee negligence led to Salmonella contamination of cereals and other brands. Moreover, the management of the factory acknowledged that it knew about the contamination two weeks before this was known to everyone and yet the manufacture of the products was not halted at the time. As reported by Ynet, in addition to halting production, the Health Department is considering the possibility of filing a lawsuit. In a case like this is it necessary to consider such a step?

Answer: There is nothing to consider here, it is necessary to act. In a case like this I would take extreme measures, because this is talking about the health of citizens. Regarding health this knowingly caused harm. Knowing of the situation, the managers of the factory could have found a way to stop the output of contaminated product. If they didn’t do this, they simply caused damage willingly and are guilty of causing much harm to people. In a case like this, they have no place in the food industry. They must pay the full obligation for the damaged caused. The nation must pay attention to this.

Comment: Contrary to your opinion, I have heard the opinion of experts. They say that such activities were never punished very severely.

Answer: Certainly! The nation doesn’t punish banks or companies like these. They are allowed to do anything, so that is also how they behave.

Question: Is it possible to solve this problem in another way?

Answer: It can be solved only through managing general integral education for the people so people will begin to understand how an orderly society should behave. It is impossible to go on like this, not because the “upper class doesn’t want it” and “the lower classes cannot” or vice versa, but because nature itself teaches us that it is up to us to change our existential paradigm regarding our attitude toward the world, nature, ourselves, and society.

From the point of view of the wisdom of Kabbalah, this necessarily must be realized, and already in our time people must understand that it is up to them to change themselves and not those around them, meaning that they must be involved with self-education and self-enlightenment. We are advancing toward a situation in which the means of production will no longer have much influence on society. Production itself will not require employees. The authorities don’t know this and cannot manage it, but only “replicate” themselves again and again.

We are found at the end of the previous paradigm of social development, governance, and management. All of this will end soon and it will be clear that nothing can be realized anywhere in any form in any nation in the world.

Society must change; it must reconstruct itself according to a completely different program of full mutual cooperation, with a good connection between us, when all of us are principally involved with connection and unity. So it is up to us to educate ourselves. This is not very easy, but against our will we are moving toward this.

Question: Does this mean that nobody will be rich and that a communistic equality will prevail?

Answer: This is not communism but a state that nature is requiring from us. We must reach a state in which all of us together will be a single integral system similar to what manages us. In a system like this, we are already beginning to evaluate people not according to the number of zeroes they have in the bank, but according to the contribution that a person makes for the sake of the unity of the entire society because nature is seriously driving us toward general integration and it is up to us to realize this call.

Question: How will this be expressed in our activities?

Answer: Only in the implementation of the method that explains the overall dependence, the general mutual connection, in what manner we must be arranged in balance with nature and between us, meaning how we must re-invent ourselves.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 8/15/16

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