Pregnancy Is A Sacrifice For The Child’s Sake

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does “the upper descends to the lower and becomes like him” mean?

Answer: When the upper descends to the lower, it does not mean that an elephant turns into a fly. If it were so, it would not be a “descent” but rather a qualitative transformation. “Descending to the lower” means that one’s AHP acquires desires, thoughts, and actions that are oriented solely to the wellbeing of the lower.

When a woman becomes pregnant, her womb starts working as a system that ensures the development of a drop of semen. It doesn’t turn into a drop of semen but it becomes a place intended for its growth. This implies “a descent of the upper to the lower” because the mother is completely devoted to her child in her intentions and thoughts. The lower defines the upper’s goals and forces so that the upper only acts for the sake of the child. Complete self-denial of the upper for the sake of the lower means that it descends to the lower and becomes similar to it.

A mother has to diminish herself and adjust herself to the lower. Her womb obtains all the qualities that are necessary to absorb a drop of semen. A womb is a very complicated live system that is regulated by multiple processes. Even now scientists do not understand exactly how it operates. It’s a divine mechanism that unites the upper and the lower.

The upper descends to the lower and turns into it, meaning that it acts only for the benefit of the lower, solely for its sake. The lower outlines the upper’s actions. Similar to a child who sits in a stroller and points out to his mother where he wants to go and she pushes the stroller forward as its engine. It means that the mother serves her child and becomes like him. She clings to his desires and implements them through herself.

All systems starting with Malchut of the world of infinity to the very last state that takes care of a drop of semen are oriented only towards the benefits of the growing fetus. It means that the upper becomes similar to the lower and that the Creator acts for the benefit of creation.

A uterus is an extremely complicated divine mechanism that takes care of the fetus and is capable of growing a human being from an informational gene (Reshimo). This system embraces everything: developmental programs, production of necessary materials, creating thousands of essential conditions…

We have to conscientiously, knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily go through the process of spiritual conception and growth that we see in nature. It means that the entrance of a drop of semen in the correct place inside the upper’s womb should be done voluntarily. We must be ready to yield ourselves to the guardianship of the upper. In order to have our spiritual semen fertilized, we should work hard for many years.

The process of conception is so significant that it embodies the concept of connection in nature in its entirety. It symbolizes our unity and dissemination. That’s why we study it in the eighth part of The Study of the Ten Sefirot about linking of the lower to the upper and to the upper upper. This mechanism is inherent in the very core of our lives and shapes our advancement.

In relation to the group and the Creator, we are always the lower. There are others who are considered lower relative to us, and in relation to them we are the upper. This is how the system appears: lower, upper and upper upper.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/23/13, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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