The Rescue Mission

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does the upper one feel when it reduces itself for the sake of the lower one? Does it suffer while doing so?

Answer: No, it doesn’t. On the contrary, it is willing to descend in order to assist the lower one. The upper one absorbs the lower one’s pains and that is its descent.

In our world, I get in the elevator and take a ride to the first floor. But in spirituality, I receive a totally different mind and another perception that suit the “lower floor.” This is what we call “change of place, change of luck.”

Any spiritual move implies changing the form: the change of the screen (Masach) and the change of desire. Therefore, by descending to the lower one, the upper one becomes similar to it. The upper one clothes in the lower one and appears as such, and only internally does it keep its true spiritual degree, a rung it can ascend to.

To reduce oneself in spirituality is very challenging. One has to be very strong to do this since you “corrupt” yourself by accepting a flaw, a great desire that attracts the Klipot (impure shells). It is justified only by the fact that you do it in order to save the lower one. The goal sanctifies your actions and gives you strength. Only after having prepared yourself and collected strength, are you fit for undertaking your mission.

Then, you descend and establish a connection with the lower one who is corrupted and soiled by egoism. So do you submerge yourself in this filth and corruption, which burden you with a great dab of darkness and forces of impurity? You do it solely to help the lower one.

Now, both of you are corrupted, but you, beside the external flaws, possess an inner storage of strength. Internally, you are corrected; therefore, by connecting with the lower one, you can elevate not only yourself, but the other as well.

Imagine you reduce yourself to the level of a drug addict whom you wish to save. You, too, start using drugs, join him, and live through him. Now, both of you suffer from drug addiction.

And then, you activate your forces, begin transforming him, pulling both of you out of the swamp. He is already linked in your desire, and now you elevate him to your level, where you repair that part of you which became his as well as him as part of yourself. This is a double correction that requires a double screen. Besides, his corruption is much more severe than yours.

So, it turns out that bestowal, dissemination, and correction of the lower ones are much more difficult than the correction of self. However, by doing so, you receive an opportunity to draw the Light through the lower one, which means to beget him, to manifest new perception in him.

It can be accomplished only if you draw from Infinity the new Light that fills all spiritual worlds. This new “dose” used to help the lower one is what delights the Infinity, the Creator. Thanks to this act, you merge with Him.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/20/10, “Introduction of The Book of Zohar,” Article “The Letters of Rabbi Amnon Saba”

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