Will Reparations Stop Racism?

547.05In the News (Forbes): “BET founder Robert Johnson argued Monday that ‘now is the time’ for white America to acknowledge damages resulting from slavery, and for the U.S. Government to provide reparations in the sum of a $14 trillion wealth transfer to help prevent the country from splitting into separate and unequal societies. …

“Johnson has long been an advocate pf reparations. ‘I’m not new to this challenge.’ He said he’s not advocating ‘more bureaucratic programs that don’t deliver and don’t perform,’ adding ‘I’m talking about cash. We are a society based on wealth. That’s the foundation of capitalism.’ In November of 2019, Leaders of the New Jersey’s Legislative Black Caucus introduced a bill that would establish a Reparations Task Force, which would aim to research the history of slavery within the state, any racial discrimination that stemmed from it, and how the state could help make up for it. According to a Pew Research Center survey conducted last year, 63% of Americans believe the legacy of slavery affects the position of black people in American society today either ‘a great deal or a fair amount.’

Question:  Will this put an end to racism? What can these proposals lead to?

Answer: To the end of the world. When everyone starts demanding what they supposedly deserve, even billionaires, there will be no end to it. Everyone will start whetting their appetites against one another. No, you can’t do that! It is foolish to rethink the whole of history in this way.

Question: Are you in favor of people turning this period in history around without looking back and turning it into a clean slate?

Answer: I am in favor of reinterpreting the whole of history. To reinterpret history in action, that is, in fact, we were like that under the influence of our egoistic inclination. And now, when we realize its insignificance, perniciousness, inferiority, and so forth, we are moving on to the next degree of coexistence where we will simply help each other, get closer to each other, without any complaints about the past.

Comment: Without reparations, without looking back at what happened.

My Response: It’s endless!

Question: So only such a revision of history based on egoism, right?

Answer: Yes. The past cannot be bought with money, just as the future cannot be built with this money.

Question: I see, only to understand human nature and start coming closer to one another?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Who will take the first step? It’s so clear and correct. It feels like this is how it should be!

Answer: I don’t know. Whoever will gain awareness of it.

Question: A leader who will become aware of it, right?

Answer: A leader? I don’t know. By the time he reaches leadership, he can no longer be aware of anything. He’s already bought by that same egoism.

Question: So that is a dead end?

Answer: For now, yes. But there around the bend something should open up. Say, some kind of virus or a force can appear that will lead us to the awareness of the insignificance of our nature and the need to change it. And not to correct anything by the approach, “You will pay me, and I’ll be nice.” This is not the way.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/8/21

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