How Can Nationalism And Racism Be Prevented?

273.02Question: There are no pure-blooded peoples in the world anymore. Since Babylon, for 4,000 years, everyone has practically mixed up. Yet, we have been unable to prevent nationalism and racism. What is the reason for this phenomenon? No matter how hard we try, nothing helps, not even mixed marriages.

Answer: No, nothing helps because we should not just mix but should rise above our differences to the next level where these differences do not exist and we also do not exist in a material form at all.

That is, we must completely change our personal egoism that separates us from each other into altruism, bestowal, and love. We need to rise above ourselves. Then, it will happen.

Question: Is racial rejection a genetically determined phenomenon or is it just a consequence of one’s upbringing?

Answer: No, this is not just a consequence of one’s upbringing. Education is also a consequence. In our root, we are divided into four parts and therefore cannot be at peace with each other without correcting ourselves.

Question: There are several reasons for racism: the stratification of society into rich and poor, the artificial mixing of different races without prior preparation, the detachment of people, the forced isolation of people during the pandemic, as well as conflicts in different countries.

You write that racism arises from the desire to enjoy when it is bad for others. Is this the reason for it?

Answer: Of course. In this way, we raise ourselves above others. It is always in the enjoyment of feeling superior to others that we experience our highest egoistic destiny. Therefore, racism is the highest form of egoism.

Question: As our desires grow, the hatred between people constantly increases. We see that the more developed the society, the more hatred there is between people. Can you explain what could cause some more or less adequate feelings between nations and who could make this happen?

Answer: I believe it can only be a science about creation and predetermination because it would raise everyone to the same root. Only by moving toward it, can we achieve unity between ourselves.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/14/20

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