Xenophobia: The Desire For Self-Preservation

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Mark Schaller, Professor of Psychology – University of British Columbia): “It’s an unconscious strategy for avoiding a wide range of potential infections, since we have no way of detecting germs themselves. But since the consequences of missing a sign of disease are serious, possibly even fatal, and the array of symptoms wide, our behavioral immune system (as Schaller has dubbed this suite of responses) tends towards over-sensitivity—which is why we might be more averse to practically anyone who strikes us as anomalous. That includes a man in a wheelchair who poses no disease threat at all. Recent scholarship bears this out; for example, research published in Evolution and Human Behavior revealed that disease-avoidant psychological processes play a driving role in prejudices against people who are obese or disabled.

“’Protective prejudice’ may also fuel an instinctive distrust of strangers. It makes sense—in terms of strict self-preservation—to be wary around those whose behavior and dress suggest they’re outsiders.

“Even if we try to hide our reactions, our instinctive concerns about those who look unusual are biases we impart to others through everyday interactions. Left unchecked, such discomfort can grow powerful enough to predispose whole societies towards xenophobia, and along with it, violence against those seen as outsiders. Yet by understanding the underpinnings of protective prejudice, we can learn to combat it rather than overextend it, on both a personal and a global scale.”

My Comment: Everything can be overcome, except anti-Semitism, because it stems from the opposition of the forces to receive and bestow. Carriers of these forces are opposite in nature. By their nature, Jews belong to the force of bestowal, and other nations belong to the force of receiving.

This is the reason for hatred, rejection, and the feeling of strangeness, which cannot be overcome or corrected. Correction is the opposite action that will help the Jews realize their root of bestowal (love of others), and the nations of the world accept the method from them and also reach this quality. Only in this case, will everyone adhere to the Creator.

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