Years Not Lived In Vain

627.1Question: For people who are used to the rapid flow of life on the Internet, reality seems too boring. Do you agree with this statement?

Answer: It depends on where everything flows. Is it to inundate us with tons of new, diverse, and unnecessary data? Is it to, every day, build huge repositories of all kinds of information on the Internet that no one needs?! For what?

You could erase absolutely everything that humanity has had until now. In order to behave correctly and come to the goal of creation, we do not need any of this.

However, these are not wasted years because on their basis we have come to the conclusion that we must change ourselves.

Nevertheless, all positive changes will only arise through our true desire for the right life and the appearance of the forces that can form it from above, from within nature.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 7/10/20

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