We Were As Dreamers

276.02The truth is that the Creator fills the entire universe. Truth (“Emet”) is made up of the letters “Alef” – “Mem” – “Tav” (“א – מ – ת”), that is, of the three forces that exist in creation. “Aleph – א”  is the first letter of the alphabet, Keter, the Creator. “Tav – ת” is the last letter of the alphabet, Malchut. And “Mem – מ”  is in the middle, Bina that connects Keter and Malchut.

You must understand that the truth is not what it seems to us according to our opinion and feelings. As it is said: “They have eyes but they will not see; they have ears but they will not hear.” That is, we do not feel where we are as if blind and deaf, we do not feel the true world, moving in it by touch.

But this is where the correction is. The Creator purposely created this concealment so that we can achieve perfection, that is, from concealment to come to revelation, from reason to rise to faith above reason, from Malchut to Bina, from receiving to bestowing.

A person thinks that he feels the outside world, but in fact, he is locked inside himself and feels himself from within. The whole reality is within us. The entire universe, the galaxies, the stars, the planets, and the earth with everything on it, it is all “I.”

It is as if I have lost consciousness or I am dreaming. Sometimes I dream that I am walking somewhere, doing something as if for real. But then I wake up and see that the true reality is not what I dreamed.

And the same thing happens to us when spirituality is revealed. We understand that we were in a dream, and now we have woken up and see the real reality.

Faith above reason means to understand that reality is not what I currently imagine it to be. In fact, I am inside the Creator, the upper force that controls me. And the vast world that appears before me is within me, and I must attract the power of the Creator to fill my entire world and put everything in order.

Man must try his best to reveal the Creator who fills the entire universe. And this is possible only through the ten, disappearing and dissolving into your friends, absorbing in them  so much that you feel that the Creator is behind all your friends and is waiting for me to reveal Him.

This is how I begin to perceive the light of faith, that is, to feel the Creator. This is called faith above reason. Reason was my former sense of reality as seen by the eyes and heard by the ears. But now I begin to feel reality beyond physical perception and through my friends I reach the revelation of the Creator, who fills my spiritual Kli, the ten Sefirot of my soul.

So we come to the first spiritual revelation, and we continue to move further and further.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/9/20, “Work with Faith Above Reason”

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