The World Where The Opposite Is True

608.02I exist within my desire, that is, sensations and mind, mind and heart. Inside them, I live and feel the reality called “this world,” and in it there is the universe, galaxies, planets, stars, the globe, and humanity.

But other than that, I have to imagine that there is a border of this sensation, followed by another perception, not in relation to the egoistic force where I pull everything to myself, but relative to the bestowal, when I push away from myself.

This is the reverse world in which everything is the opposite: instead of hatred—love, instead of receiving—giving, instead of attraction—repulsion. We live in that other world, not to do well for ourselves, but to do good for others, and for this we do all actions.

It’s like I’m going into space in a spacesuit. What’s inside the suit is my own little world. But outside of it is a very different world that I don’t know. I am not allowed to be there in the egoistic way that I am in now.

But if I can adjust my senses and mind to the conditions of that world, I can live there. And this is what we need to do: change the use of our heart and mind from the egoistic to the benefit of others. And by doing this, I neutralize my “I” and no longer need a special space suit, I do not need to protect myself.

After all, if I do not act for the benefit of myself, but only for the benefit of others, then I do not need to isolate myself from them. They can’t hurt me; on the contrary, I can use everything that is outside of this suit for the benefit of all.

We must try to imagine this difference between being “within reason,” that is, our present egoistic mind and heart, and “above reason,” in bestowal. In this way, we will gradually begin to approach the border between “within reason” and “above reason,” the transition from the material world to the spiritual world.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/25/20, “Work With Faith Above Reason”

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