Our World Is A Black Dot

laitman_424.02Question: You say that our world doesn’t exist. In what sense does it not exist and why? What does “illusory” mean, and whose illusion it is?

Answer: It is our illusion. In reality, our world does not exist.

What does “in reality” mean? In the property of bestowal, which is the only thing that exists in reality; our world does not exist.

Our world is the property of reception, it is pure egoism. And the world itself does not exist, it is purposefully created as a ghostly and illusory one so that we live in it as at the starting point of our true spiritual development, so that we exist outside of the spiritual worlds, outside of true existence.

Our world is simply a black dot.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/5/20

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