Burning Candle

260.01How does a candle burn? A candle consists of oil below and a wick placed in it, which can be lit from above. Why does the candle burn? The oil cannot light up by itself but only thanks to the wick, which itself is also not flammable? The wick comes from the word “flawed” because it resists the light.

Yet, if the wick is connected to the oil on one side, then you can light it on the other side, and the candle will light up.

It turns out that it is the flaw, the resistance to fire, that connects the fire with the oil and turns it into a candle. The candle consists of three parts. The oil itself cannot be lit, and the wick itself is not flammable. But when the wick absorbs oil, it becomes flammable and turns into a source of fire.

Therefore, the more we discover questions, intentions, and thoughts against spirituality in ourselves that diminish the value of our spiritual work, the thicker and stronger our wick becomes because of them. If we overcome this resistance, the wick absorbs more and more oil. Then a light comes from above and lights our candle.

The moment the wick is ready and sufficiently saturated with the oil that rises through it, it feels that there is a fire above it and lights up. The fire will come right away and immediately light the wick, the problem is only in the wick itself, in our desire to attach to spirituality all the desires and thoughts that protest against spirituality, to connect above them. This is how the candle, the Menorah, is made.

Therefore, we cannot do without alien thoughts, without rejection from spirituality, without hatred for each other and the Creator. We have to experience, feel, and acknowledge all that. This is because the connection between corporeality and spirituality happens precisely because of the rejection from spirituality, which we overcome and together with it connect with the Creator.

This is the very rope that we can hold on to and connect this world with the spiritual world, the thread between us and the Creator.

Do not be afraid of alien thoughts, rejection, and problems, because “penny by penny joins into a great amount,” and as a result, we reveal a powerful connection between the material world and the spiritual world. We need both of these worlds; this is how everything was created by the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/23/20, “Work with Faith Above Reason”

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