Enter The System Of Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What will be the system of bestowal between us that we will see once it becomes revealed to us?

Answer: We should see this system between us now, after the convention. Every person must see the points in the heart and understand that although he is distant from others, the network that connects our hearts exists.

There is a more internal network, that of all our friends (and inside it, the higher system of all Kabbalists of the past). Around it, there is a more external network: all of humanity. The systems are interconnected, and this connection doesn’t change, it is constant. Only our correct attitude was shattered.

As we say in our world, relationships break-up, meaning that they were good and have become bad. The relationships exist, but they are broken.

We have to discover the system in which we are all connected. It is impossible to tear apart these connections or to change them. Only the relationships within the connections can be changed. And now it is up to us how we will discover life within this system.

It relates to the entire world. For us, it is an inner action, our internal dissemination. Relative to the world, it is external dissemination. Thus, these two systems will begin to interact.

A person should feel internally that it is so. Then he will gradually begin to see that our world is imaginary. The more a person sees himself as part of this system and feels that he depends on it, the more he will see that everything in his life, even in his external, corporeal life, at work for example, depends on the intensity of his effort in this system.

Then, all the corporeal actions, the corporeal forms, and all the world you see around you will gradually turn into some kind of inflated external form, like a puppet that moves because the puppet maker’s hand is playing with it as if it were alive.

Instead of just people, you will see their connection with the general system. You will understand what motivates them, what signals they receive from the system, and their reactions to them. You will see that in each one, it is his connection with the rest of the system that operates, and nothing more than that. You will realize that the body that dresses this connection is like a halo, a cloud, that has no independent essence.

As long as we do not see this system, we are shown all these bodies and this world to demonstrate to us that something does exist and to give us the free will to penetrate it, to start living in the real world. This is what we have to enter now.

The convention gave us the point of connection with this system, and we have to hold on to it so that we can begin to see the system from it. This is our obligation.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/25/2011, Writings of Rabash

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