The Next Moment Is Your Step Forward

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A candle burns steadily as long as there is oil and a wick. How can a person reach the same steadiness?

Answer: The burning cannot be steady. Each moment, a new part of the wick and the oil are revealed, which are in connection and adhesion. So, the inner burning cannot be steady. It is constantly renewed.

In the corporeal world, we can perform a certain action, and since it is performed by one egoistic force, it will continue. It is like eating one candy after another and finding pleasure in them.

In the spiritual world, each time I receive a certain filling and want to go on, I must overcome my desire to receive so that I won’t work with my force of egoism alone. It follows that I constantly need two forces to complete each other so that the force of bestowal will use the force of reception and dominate it each time. For this reason in spirituality, not a single moment can pass by itself. There cannot be actions that simply stem from one another.

We have to constantly withstand the struggle between these two forces and position them correctly one against the other so that the Surrounding Light will empower the good force in us to dominate the evil force, and thus advance. That’s the way it is at any given moment. Otherwise, the moment would not change.

After all, this system is based on the cooperation between two forces: the Creator’s force and the force of the created being. The more the created being adapts to the Creator, the faster the moments go by. This means that you have taken another step forward.

If you are dominated by one force only, the moment does not pass. This is why in the egoistic state, we don’t exist in the spiritual world at all; we cannot be measured there. We are like total zeros standing in the same place. Even steadiness is a continuous walking, a constant renewal of our work.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/25/2011, Writings of Rabash

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