Lighting Your Candle

Dr. Michael LaitmanSpirituality is built on diversions from it, on disagreement that is intentionally evoked in a person in order to create in him the right attitude to the revelation of the system that controls us. This system is currently concealed from us because we are unable to reveal it. After all, we are made only of the desire to receive.

If above this desire, we build another desire, the desire to bestow, we will start to understand what bestowal is. Accordingly, we will begin to see and feel the system that governs us, that is external to us and ties us together.

We feel that we are egoistic individuals. Each one thinks about himself and feels only himself. This is the first force that exists in nature. There is a second force that operates in it and ties all these egoists together. But this network remains invisible to us because we lack the senses to discover it.

However, if we overcome all the difficult questions, problems, and disagreements we have with the system that manages us and accept its rule as good and correct (even though our egoistic fragments of the shattered soul do not see that it connects us), we will begin to discover its actions.

Each of us is a little egoist submerged in his little ego. But the connection between us is based on love and belongs to a totally different natural system. When we begin to discover this system, we realize that it operates according to the laws of bestowal.

Lighting Your Candle

If we want to discover this system, we have to rise above ourselves. Now, we aspire to connect using egoistic connections, that is, to spread our egoism in the entire system and to use each other. However, if we disagree with this egoistic intention and rise above our desire as if we aspire to create the right connections, then even if we cannot do that, we will begin to do things that lead in this direction.

First, we will create a group. Then, we will begin to study these new relationships together. This will draw the surrounding Light that reforms. This Light erases the egoistic intentions that one has toward others and changes them to the right ones. Thus, I gradually begin to discover the system in its true form.

Seeing the system helps a person advance. Having discovered it, one begins to use it in his work.

It may not be clear why a person should reveal this system. He could continue working in the state of concealment like it is before the first revelation. But the point is that the revelation gives us extra work. Instead of making it easier, it becomes much harder and adds more questions and difficulties.

It is only by clarifying these questions and difficulties, thanks to our rising above them, that a “wick” forms, a place where the Light can hold in the “oil.” Then, the oil is lit thanks to difficult questions that form the wick. Thus, we advance toward acquiring the desire to bestow.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/25/2011, Writings of Rabash

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