Rise Above Disagreements

544Question: Some say that we should let about 5% of those sick with coronavirus die, in order to restart the economy because it will otherwise collapse and the consequences of that will be worse. Humanists say that we must fight for every life and save every person.

Similar conflicts arise in firms, at workplaces, in governments, and in families. People are divided.

In integral education courses, we looked into a similar situation and when we were analyzing it, a conflict broke out between two participants. It turned out that the grandmother of one of them had died a few days ago, and therefore, he supported the quarantine because of his personal experience. And the second one had been unemployed for several months and nothing to feed his children, and he was in favor of lifting the quarantine.

The rest of the participants were involved in the conflict, and the group split into two camps. How would you resolve such a conflict?

Answer: This cannot be solved on the spot. We must understand the whole picture, and only after that will we derive a formula by which we will decide what to do in each specific case. Based on the explosion of emotions, we are not able to decide where the truth is.

If we rise in our relationship, then we also will be able to rise above the virus. And the fact that now I accept his point of view or he accepts mine will not lead us anywhere. The decision must be mutual, and by acting according to it, definitely no one will get sick, and whoever needs to receive a salary, will receive it.

Question: The decision lies in a completely different plane? In order to come to a general agreement in a small group, people just need to improve their relationships?

Answer: That is the decision they must come to and everything will be fine.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/16/20

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