In The Laboratory Of Attaining The Upper World

530Our entire work is in annulling before the upper one; therefore, we are initially created out of the will to receive, which is opposite to the Creator. However, it is not the will to receive itself that we need to change, but rather the intention in order to use it for the sake of bestowing it to others. Since the Creator wants to bestow, I can use my will to receive to the extent that I receive from the Creator in order to bring Him contentment.

In order to teach us this, the Creator broke our desire into pieces that relate to each other egoistically. If each of us can rise above his egoism and work for the benefit of others, by this he confirms that he can also relate to the Creator in the same way.

This is a special patent invented by the Creator, breaking our Kli in order for us to reach the desire to bestow. Now, instead of one person, Adam, we have millions and billions of people. Due to the fact that each part is opposite to the other parts, through our connection and separation, we can check what the Creator has prepared for us and how to work with it.

The Creator is above, and we below can study and change the states between us, checking whether we are getting closer or moving away from each other. It turns out that the Creator gave us the opportunity to study the entire upper spiritual system on the example of our connections so that we would turn to Him and ask for forces to come closer and for forces of distancing, and to teach us the correct relationships.

He gave us the opportunity to study the will to receive and the will to bestow and to build spiritual, altruistic relationships in our world instead of corporeal, egoistic ones in order to feel the nature of bestowal in them, that is, the Creator, and gradually reveal the essence of this upper force of bestowal. Thus, by practicing actions between us, we gradually come to the attainment of the Creator.

This is a kind of laboratory in which we can study both this world and the one above it, in the intention of bestowal. If we come closer to each other, we discover a distance, a new space between us, depending on our intentions regarding each other.

This is how we learn to swim in this space. To the extent of our desire to come closer to each other, we feel that we are leaving the corporeal space and movement given to us from birth.

Our entire world acts for the sake of egoism, coming closer to the things that bring pleasure and moving away from troubles. And we are shifting from corporeal relationships to the relationships of bestowal, exiting into another, spiritual dimension in which we want to exist. That is, from the corporeal world, from the desire to receive pleasure from the other, we pass into the spiritual world, into the desire to please the other, to fill him.

These two states are the opposite of each other, and we need to learn how, through working with our desire, we can move without paying attention to the physical distance, but only to what extent we are close to each other or far away from each other. From this, we will understand how to swim in the upper, spiritual world in which we come closer to each other on the basis of bestowing to each other.

The more we try to understand these relationships by studying the upper world through them, the more we will also understand our lower world. After all, we do not know our world and its corporeal laws, and we do not know ourselves.

Only by rising into anti-egoism, into bestowal, can a person know the world of reception. We can get to know the upper world through the example of the lower world, and vice versa, from the upper world we can study the lower world. We will be able to know and study these two worlds, two forms of the same reality within ourselves and we will come to know the upper force, the source of both forces in order to understand the Creator.

In states of descents, the main thing is to continue “as an ox to the burden and as a donkey to the load,” as a horse that meekly follows orders. From this it is clear that we must organize such relationships in the group that will help us in this, pressing on us like the spurs of a rider and obliging us to advance.

If the group does not apply such pressure, it is very bad. The group has to both support and push.

The entire work is to restore the system of Adam HaRishon. This is called that we know the Creator by His actions. By building connections between us in the system, we attain the mind within it and feel the one who created it, its source, the Creator.

The Creator created this system and deliberately broke it so that when we began to gather together, we could know Him and His intention. Everything is attained in the process of building a system.

By assembling the system of creation, as if building a house from blocks, we begin to understand the Creator, learn His thoughts, intentions, and goals, and know Him by his actions. We reveal the Creator not somewhere far away, but inside our construction, inside the connection between us. The essence of this connection is the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/25/21, “Annulling Before The Upper One”

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