The Development Of A Spiritual Embryo

Dr. Michael LaitmanAfter experiencing the point of unity during the convention, we must strive towards that same state, towards that strong general unity above all the disturbances of the outside world. It’s as if during the convention a cloud of our united desires, intentions, aspirations, and brotherhood hovered over us.

And although each one of us is now experiencing a different state and we are all thrown in our own directions, we must still try to maintain the same state of unity. If we are able to maintain this point of unity despite all of the disturbances, we grow.

A parent gives you a drop of semen. It is said that the father gives “white semen” (Loven), the mother gives the “red” (Odem), and the Creator gives the soul. You have nothing but a single point, and that is enough. And now you have to grow to the level of Infinity, but how?

This is why you receive additional egoism that serves as the means for your growth. The egoism becomes the “meat” that we have to grow over our point, or the drop of semen. Each time egoism confuses us, kills, and tears us apart. However, we mustn’t pay attention to it and nevertheless must remain in our point of unity. Then, the egoism will become included in this unity, and with our efforts we’ll connect it to the point of unity.

Due to the egoism, this point will begin to grow. At first there is a point in the center of the egoism, and it’s completely surrounded by it. Then it starts to expand and take over the egoism. This is how we grow.

The moment that we overcome all the disturbances of this world and are able to maintain the point of unity attained at the convention, then after few such attempts, we’ll obtain the first full measure called a Partzuf of the full ten Sefirot, or the spiritual birth.

I ask you to continuously re-watch all the convention lessons and events. After all, if a person in his current state goes back to those events, he obtains that previous state along with his new egoism, thereby correcting himself.

Nothing else is needed! Now, through our egoism and through all that’s happening to us, we must grow the spiritual drop of semen that we received at the convention.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/22/2011, “Introduction to TES

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