How Should One Relate To The Death Of Loved Ones?


Question: How does Kabbalah interpret death? What is the correct attitude toward the death of a dear and beloved person who is close to you? What is this philosophy?

Answer: There is no philosophy here because our body is an animate organism that dies like a body of any animal. It has a certain lifespan, dies, decomposes, and returns to its primary elements.

And our inner part, inner properties, remain. They do not go anywhere and are called the “soul.” These properties continue to exist, just not at the level of our world because they have nothing to dress in, but outside the vestments of the physical world.

Then follows the next reincarnation and the return to new bodies. The soul does not disappear as the body does, it reincarnates into new bodies all the time. This theory and practice has been tested over the course of centuries and has existed for almost 6,000 years. In addition, there is serious evidence of it, a lot of literature devoted to it. The wisdom of Kabbalah examines this question at the physical and mathematical level. There are no problems here.

The problem is different. We can, without dying while existing in our body, start feeling the world of souls. If the body does not interfere (in Kabbalah the body refers to our egoism, not human flesh), if we neutralize it, then we start feeling the upper world, the world of souls. It is as if we died and exist beyond our physical body.

Therefore, the problem is how to neutralize egoism. And the wisdom of Kabbalah enables us to do it.

Question: Does the pain about the deceased and sorrow about loved ones remain?

Answer: There is no pain or sorrow. Those who study the wisdom of Kabbalah clearly feel and understand that this is the reincarnation of souls and there is no room for concern.

By entering the inner state and starting to feel the souls, we relate to our animate body completely differently. There is nothing special about it. It is given to us for a short time only so that we could move on to the sensation of souls.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/26/20

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  1. Just as Kabbalah states that nothing is superfluous in creation, it would only be fitting to acknowledge the death of a loved one. The individual goes through the mourning process, which is also documented, with all its stages. There is pain and sorrow for those of us who nevertheless felt very deeply for that ‘piece of flesh’ and are still very much attached to the corporeal.
    After all, many still visit the grave sites of Baal HaSulam and Rabash…

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