What Is The Difference In Connection Between Men And Between Women?

Laitman_632.3Question: What does connection mean? What is the difference in connection between men and between women? Indeed, over the past few decades, many women have begun engaging in Kabbalah, which was not the case in previous generations.

Answer: Indeed, women began to strive for Kabbalah, and this is correct, this is the call of the time. We welcome this. However, there is a difference between female aspiration and male aspiration.

On one hand, we know in past centuries there were great Kabbalists at very serious levels of spiritual understanding of the Creator. It is said: “And everyone will come to Me from small to great, and My House will be called the House for all the peoples of the world.” That is, to reach the Creator and connect with Him is not only a male duty, but also a female one.

But for women there is a slightly different platform for this since the female egoistic desire is more focused on procreation, on the family, and therefore it is more fixated, clamped, and constrained inside. As a result, it is much more difficult for women to unite in tens. Therefore, we do not insist on this.

In addition, frankly, we still do not know how to work with women’s connection because we are just starting to enter this system. With men, it is more or less clear. Over the several years during which we have been conducting an “operation” to unite men’s tens, we have gained some experience and we already have quite serious achievements.

But with women, we do not yet know what to do. The main problem is that a woman learns from men because we only teach men internally and women perceive it all through the virtual channel of our connections. So what they do, how they unite, is a question.

For men, direct connection between friends is necessary when they work together in the ten, and study and disseminate together, etc.

For women, I believe that only education and dissemination is more acceptable. A group association so far does not play any role for them, and, conversely, it can interfere with them.

Question: Are workshops suitable for women as a means of connection?

Answer: Anything but a ten. We see that there are such negative forces that a woman in our world cannot yet overcome. It is quite possible that over time she will succeed because our world is moving toward greater disintegration, destruction, and the emergence of negative properties. And this will have to be somehow restored.

Question: Is it more difficult for a woman to unite because her egoism is greater?

Answer: She has a different form of egoism. It is aimed at oneself, family, children, and so on. Therefore, it is very difficult for her to feel another woman as close to herself. Between women are such partitions that they cannot destroy. And for men, this is practically nonexistent.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/11/19

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