Passing Spiritual Knowledge In Times Of Abraham

laitman_942Question: How did Abraham teach the tens of thousands of people who gathered around him if there was not yet a Pentateuch that set out the commandments?

Answer: At that time, people were at a level where they understood it from within themselves.

Comment: Abraham wrote several books of which only The Book of Creation (Sefer Yetzira) has reached us. I have read it many times, but it does not say anything about connection.

My Response: In The Book of Creation, Abraham wrote about the upper force that influences people. He wrote this book so that we could understand the upper force the way he described it.

To do this, we must have the appropriate tool. This tool is connection with other people in which the upper laws are revealed.

Question: However, it was not written anywhere specifically about connection. Was it obvious to them?

Answer: Yes. This is called the “Oral Torah,” which Abraham explained to his followers.

Question: Rambam wrote: “Abraham sowed this great principle in their hearts and wrote books about it.” However, these books describe what a person feels in connection with the Creator, with the upper force of nature. Does it mean that communication between people was passed by word of mouth?

Answer: This is a practical wisdom that Abraham passed on to his disciples Isaac and Jacob.

Question: Were they not his children?

Answer: You can call them “children,” it does not matter. However, Kabbalah refers to the disciples through whom the method of correcting human egoism was passed onto the entire nation, to the entire group of people who gathered around Abraham in Babylon.

All this is described in the Torah through one person. First what happened to Abraham, then to Lot, and so on. Where are the other tens of thousands of people that gathered around him?

The fact is that description does not take into account the number of people Rambam spoke about, but only their spiritual level. The spiritual level is already 70, 50, 10 people, and so on—it does not matter because in spirituality we do not count the number of heads, but the strength of their connection with each other.
KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 6/24/19

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