What Happens to the Soul When the Body Dies

571.04Question: What happens to a man, to his soul, when he dies?

Answer: When a man dies his body dies and he no longer perceives himself through his body. That is all.

But his Reshimot remain. A Reshimo is a record, an information chain about its further states. It is recorded from the beginning of creation to the end. And from the moment his body dies, he continues to realize this chain of Reshimot in other forms without being clothed in a corporeal body and without perceiving his existence through it.

Question: But is there any realization that this is my Reshimo?

Answer: Yes. But it is not like now.

Question: Better or worse?

Answer: It depends on his life.

Question: So there remains some awareness that I exist?

Answer: Of course. Nothing disappears.

Question: What happens to the soul then?

Answer: The soul is that part of the desire that has corrected itself and united with humanity in order to affect good on it. Thus the soul continues its existence in the total volume of the whole of the desire. This is a different realization, a higher one.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/12/22

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