Why Lose Weight?

49.01Question: Why are people always eager to lose weight?

Answer: Because weight-loss products are more expensive than weight-gain products. And so, someone is profiting from them.

Question: But in reality, what is the problem with being overweight?

Answer: It is very easy to get fat from today’s products, but it is very difficult to lose weight. Therefore, weight-loss is taken as a cult, as some kind of high achievement.

In fact, it has no bearing on anything, and people do not live longer, do not become healthier. It is just taken as a form of worship. I think it will pass soon. Any kind of violence against yourself is not good. A person should be normal. But no one knows this norm and cannot establish it. It is just that a person should eat normally.

If we get rid of all the excesses that flood our food markets and everything else and come to a rational way of life, then everyone will have a normal weight. Well, you will weigh not sixty kilograms but seventy. Your measurements will not be 90-60-90 but a couple of centimeters more. So what? You will not have plastic surgery because you will begin seeing not the appearance of a person but his inner world.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Why Lose Weight” 3/3/13

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