Will Vegetarianism Save The World?

Laitman_728_01Comment: Scientists from Oxford University have calculated the benefit that would come from the transition of humanity to vegetarianism. According to their model, if the population of the world were to agree to switch to vegetarianism, close to 8 million people would be saved. In addition, they will preserve nature, the trees, forests, and more.

Answer: Clearly this is a fantasy. I have travelled throughout the world and everywhere people eat everything: seafood, snakes, lizards, frogs, dogs, sheep, cattle, birds, and more.

It is impossible to stop humanity from eating meat. This is not merely an ancient habit or custom, a person is born this way, he exists in this state. Likewise, it is still necessary to prove that a person can exist without eating meat; in my opinion nothing will replace meat.

A human being is an animal. He is not an animal that eats grass, but an animal that eats everything, and there is nothing bad or good about that. That is how he is directed by nature and this is not considered to be destructive.

If we remove the need for animals from our diet, we are forced not to eat their products, like eggs, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. We would not manufacture leather products from animals and things like that.

So then we would move to nutrition from plants. And on what basis we can absorb it, perhaps a plant has feelings?! After all, even a stone feels. So we would be compelled to reject even them. So where will we go then? We don’t have enough studies that show that we could survive without the proper consumption of a normal and varied diet coming from nature.

We need to consume everything; the world was created so that the person would use everything found on a lower level. Humans have risen to the top of the pyramid, and it exists entirely for him, for his proper nourishment both physically and spiritually.

The whole world was created with the goal that we would justify this existence and not alter it.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/28/16

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  1. Ancestral merit means be linked to patriarchs?like rav is?

  2. If this is the case. And I respect your wisdom. I have eaten both ways in my life both as a omnivore and a vegetarian (milk and eggs) as well as vegan. I have found that I do not feel good when I eat meat, physically. I feel lethargic, sick, constipated etc. When I eat a vegan diet I feel much lighter, higher energy, happier and content. Then if I switch back to omnivorous eating I feel low again. If we are designed for meat why does that happen? Also in Torah genesis 1:29 is that not an instruction to be a plant eater? I do agree profoundly that plants have feelings also, and as you say stones, does love thy neighbour only extend as far as our own level? There is also I would argue evidence that humans can thrive on a plant diet if we look at the blue zones in particular the Adventist community who are vegan for religious reasons and have a very high level of healthy centenarians.

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