How to Deserve a Good Attitude from the Creator

568.01On one side stands the Creator, on the other side I am, and between us in the middle is this torn, disassembled world. When I collect it more and more, like in a kaleidoscope, I gradually reveal the attitude of the Creator toward me.

Question: Is it good?

Answer: For this, I need to make myself good and then I will be able to see through this kaleidoscope, how it assembles everything correctly.

Question: What is “I am good”?

Answer: “I am good” is the one who sees only good in everything that exists in the world, the manifestation of the Creator. This is not easy. But this is what we must come to. Everyone should try to assemble the image of the Creator.

Question: Behind everything that is going on? Behind absolutely everything?

Answer: Of course, behind everything. As soon as my attitude changes like this, perfection will immediately be revealed.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/2/22

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