Do Not Obscure the Creator with Yourself

253Question: I heard a proverb: “There was no case that a naked person lost anything.”

Is a sense of loss good or bad?

Answer: It depends on how a person looks at it. If he begins to see a loss as an acquisition, that is, he is becoming free, he frees himself to receive something higher, then, of course, go ahead and lose. But this is already not a loss.

Question: Does it then become an acquisition?

Answer: The acquisition of empty space, of a place. A place is already a divine state. This is a place that is getting filled by the Creator.

When we create a Tzimtzum (restriction) within ourselves, we must feel that we are creating and making a place for the revelation of the Creator. Instead, we treat it as some kind of loss.

Give it away, free yourself and find this place. It is the highest one because it is empty.

Question: Are you saying that if the vector is directed to me, then I lost?

Answer: Yes, of course.

Question: And if it is directed, for example, to the Creator, does it mean that I found?

Answer: There is not even such a word as “found.” You give the Creator an opportunity to reveal Himself. You do not obscure Him with yourself.

Question: Can this practically be attributed to all our losses, that all losses are as if acquisitions?

Answer: Absolutely to all of them. It is because if I exist, there is no greater evil than the fact that “I” exist. “I” exist. How to make it so that there is no “I”?

Question: How can this evil be converted into good?

Answer: Only by giving up the fact that I exist.

Question: And what is “I” then?

Answer: Nothing. Make room, do not occupy it, let the Creator be revealed.

Question: So, are you saying, there should not be a single thought about myself, right?

Answer: Absolutely.

Question: What should my thoughts be about?

Answer: I want the Creator to be revealed. I do not want to obscure Him.

Question: You say “I.” What is “I” then, when you say, “I do not want to obscure Him. I want the Creator to be revealed”?

Answer: This is the point I received from Him and apart from this point I have nothing else. This is the point of the Creator from above.

Question: Then what is a naked person in “There was no case that a naked person lost anything”?

Answer: When, apart from this point, he feels nothing else. There is nothing in him besides that point that can only say that this is me, and this is what I want to leave. That is, I cannot refuse it because I received it from the Creator. And besides that, I do not want anything.

There are no words for this.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/6/21

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