Groping in the Dark to Find the Spiritual Sense

Groping in the Dark to Find the Spiritual SenseYesterday I went to a museum called “A Dialogue in the Dark,” where the visitors enter a completely enclosed hall that’s absolutely dark inside. Our guide explained that when a person is in the dark, he starts perceiving the world differently – not through the sense of sight, which normally gives us 80% of our information, but using the other senses. And they somehow compensate for one’s loss of eyesight.

Similarly, in order to develop the spiritual sense, we have to realize that we are in the dark. That is to say, we have to feel that we can’t make our lives good in this world using our five bodily senses, and that even when we have all of our five senses, we are still left in the dark. This is the feeling we must attain in order to desire to develop the spiritual sense. And that’s exactly what’s happening today to all humanity – it’s gradually realizing that it is in the dark.

Our sight is an internal vision; we perceive everything inside us. It’s possible to depict the same picture by transmitting electrical signals to the brain. What’s important is that one perceives the internal picture on the screen that’s on the reverse side of the brain. So what’s the difference if I have eyes or not? The important thing is that the picture is formed in my consciousness, and the same could be achieved by developing other senses and additional qualities.

That’s why I asked our guide – who wasn’t born blind (since one who is born blind can’t compare one picture of the world with another) – whether he has been able to develop his remaining senses in such a way that they would depict the same picture of the world for him, so that even without the sense of sight, he would feel like he’s standing on the street and feeling that there is a traffic light in front of him, over there are people, back there are cars and a walkway, and something is happening behind him…

After all, all of our senses are interconnected and everything depends on their development and exercise. So in principle, we are capable of perceiving the same picture that we see with our sight, even without the sense of sight. The picture may be different, but we would be able to find our way around without any problems.

We have to realize that our earthy senses don’t work in the realm where we actually exist, in reality. That’s why we can’t cope with the problems, blows and frustrations that we experience, since the information we receive using our five senses, our mind and our desires is insufficient.

This means that we are in the dark. If we had a device that enabled us to see who is thinking bad things about us, then we would discover who our enemies are. But we don’t have such a device or sense, and so we suddenly feel that we can’t cope with this world – and this is called darkness.

So what should we do next? Only discover the sense that will reveal the connection with the Source to us. Then we will see what the purpose of all these blows is, the reason why they are happening to us. And then we will define light and darkness the way Kabbalah does. And we’re almost there, because the global crisis is at the doorstep and it will give us the perception of darkness.

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  1. Thank you dear Rav,I read this with huge interest and remembered the story of a young boy who can see without eyes might not have found his spiritual sense yet but maybe he is on his way….

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