The Creator Is the Corrected You

The Creator Is the Corrected YouTwo questions I received about the Creator

Question: I don’t get it. We are trying to connect with a spiritual being we can’t perceive, called the creator, who in fact is in charge of everybody’s fate and wants us to strive for him and only him, by studying books, and you tell me there is nothing magical or mystic about it?

My Answer: The Creator is the corrected you, because you were created ideally opposite to Him. We write “Him” with a capital letter only as a sign of respect for this property of “selfless love and bestowal.” That is to say, you are researching yourself in order to change yourself to the reverse. That’s what Kabbalah is – the discovery of the property of bestowal within you.

Question: How can the connection with the Creator, who’s good and does good, be expressed through negative feelings?

My Answer: As long as a person hasn’t corrected his desires, he can experience negative sensations in them, but at the same time he can rejoice at the fact that he is having these sensations as part of the process of correcting these desires. And once they become corrected, he rises over them, and despite any sensations he feels in them (even lack of fulfillment!), he will be able to feel only the happiness and goodness that fill the world! It’s because he acquires faith above reason – he is filled by the property of bestowal, even though his desires to be filled are empty.

Get a Job

Get a JobTwo questions I received on approaching college studies

Question: I am a postgraduate student and I think that writing my thesis and mastering scientific skills could help me in the future with regard to disseminating Kabbalah, i.e. by helping include it in the scientific realm. However, I cannot actively get involved in such a job. The thought of worthlessness and incorrectness of all scientific research and fruitless theories is bugging me, and writing a thesis necessitates me to learn and know a bundle of stupidities. How can I motivate myself? Is it really needed for dissemination?

My Answer: If one has spiritual aspirations, and is confident that they are serious, long term and supported by his spouse, then this person needs to master a profession which will allow him to support his family, and then pursue spirituality, the soul’s correction. However, since you are already at postgraduate level, I would advise you to complete it, and then find a quiet job according your specialization, and dive into Kabbalah.

Question: I would like to know how long the feelings of emptiness and loneliness will last. How can I explain to my parents that I don’t want to go to college, that I don’t want anything except to study Kabbalah?

My Answer: Actually, Kabbalah obligates a person to get a job, get married and only then study Kabbalah. This world was created in complete harmony with the Upper World. If you use it contrary to the way the Creator provided it, you will not be able to attain equivalence with Him.

The order of resolving life’s problems is as follows:
* Specialization
* Job
* Wedding
* Kabbalah!!!

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Heaven and Hell in Kabbalah

Heaven and Hell in KabbalahQuestions I received on life in the Upper Worlds

Question: What is “heaven” from Kabbalah’s point of view?

My Answer: Heaven is the Light of Hochma. The “Garden” is Malchut. Malchut filled with the Light of Hochma is called the Garden of Eden. In this state Malchut is the Malchut of the World of Atzilut for the souls.

In other words, the Garden of Eden refers to a place (or a state) where the souls are filled with the Light of Hochma. Stated simply, the Garden of Eden is Malchut of the World of Atzilut. The Upper Garden of Eden is Bina of the World of Beria, and the Lower Garden of Eden is Yesod de Malchut of the World of Assiya. Of course, this bears no relation to people’s regular notions about heaven and its inhabitants. In spirituality there is no space, images, sounds and etc., but only forces unclothed by matter. The soul is a desire. To the degree that it’s equivalent to the Creator, to the quality of bestowal and love, it becomes filled with the sensation of the Creator, the sensation of this quality within itself. This sensation is called “heaven,” and there’s no heaven besides it.

Question: Does a person use the system of ABYA de Kedusha even before the Machsom?

My Answer: This system only starts after the Machsom. See the “Introduction to the Book of Zohar” where it speaks about the attainment of Malchut de Assiya.

Question: After the breaking of the vessels (Shevirat ha Kelim) in the World of Nekudim, how did the Parsa reinforce itself to avoid breaking again?

My Answer: In order to receive the Light, it’s necessary to ascend from BYA to Atzilut – this is one of the Parsa’s reinforcements.

Question: Why is Ein Sof (Infinity) surrounded by Igulim (circles)?

My Answer: Because everyone is equal and there are no limitations.

Question: In Kabbalah, are there things like the devil and other evil forces, or are these just metaphors for egoism?

My Answer: The only thing that was created is desire. Its different, particular forms have different names. My sensations of myself and of my surroundings are also desires or forces, but we perceive them as vectors on a TV screen, as pictures. In reality, the only things that exist are the force of reception (creation) and the force of bestowal (the Creator). They depict the entire picture we see. When we attain these forces, we are immediately freed from the illusion of the visible picture of the world, and therefore, Kabbalah describes our world as being imaginary and dreamlike.

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