Do You Have to Be Married to Study Kabbalah?

Do You Have to Be Married to Study Kabbalah?Questions I received on whether being married is necessary for spiritual advancement

Question: Can an unmarried man study Kabbalah? Someone told me that he can’t.

My Answer: He can, but it’s harder for him to advance.

Question: Is it necessary to get married in order to cross the Machsom and to advance spiritually?

My Answer: It’s not necessary, but it’s preferable. A person must advance into spirituality from this world, that is to say, he has to be present in the world by having a family, a job, and so on, rather than be a hermit.

Question: If a man with a point in the heart wants to get married but can’t find a wife, will the Creator respond to this kind of prayer?

My Answer: There is nothing but the Light and the desire It created. And there is only one prayer (or one desire that’s perceived by the Light and impels It to act) – to become similar to the Creator.

Question: Is the requirement to get married obligatory?

My Answer: No, but it is extremely recommended for spiritual advancement. The Torah says that a woman was created to be “help against you” (against your egoism).

Question: If a 21 year old man desires spirituality in life, will this be denied to him if he’s not married?

My Answer: No, a bachelor can attain spirituality as well – everything depends on his efforts. He will have to try harder, and then he will understand that it’s more natural to do this in a family. This is how nature has arranged things, and a Kabbalist involuntarily follows its conditions. After all, Nature is the Creator.

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Only the Upper Light’s Influence Can Give You the Importance of the Group

Only the Upper Light\'s Influence Can Give You the Importance of the GroupTwo questions I received on virtual groups

Question: I’m starting to feel kind of a pull towards “groups,” though I don’t know what groups or why. I’ve always been an outsider and an “independent” loner. I just want information about virtual groups: What do they do? How can I join one?

The understanding of the group’s importance comes from the influence of the Upper Light (Ohr Makif) on you. In the beginning a person doesn’t understand that the only way to enter the common soul is by connecting with others. He doesn’t understand that there is no other path to the spiritual world, to his soul. So without the influence of the Light, you wouldn’t have begun feeling a desire for the group. And the fact that you feel it is an enormous achievement! However, mostly it didn’t come from you, but from above. As Baal HaSulam writes, the Creator brings a person to the group and thus makes the choice for him, and the person’s choice lies in reinforcing himself in the group – in that which the Creator put his hand upon. Now you have to use it and develop it – it won’t happen by itself.

Later the Creator will push you away from the group and you will suddenly start scorning it, yet you will think that this feeling is coming from you rather than being sent to you by the Creator on purpose, and so on. And you will need to fight this feeling by increasing the importance of the group, of unity, of Shechina (the place of the Creator’s revelation).

Question: Recently you mentioned that groups outside of Bnei Baruch lack the presence of a Rav who would represent the Creator, the force of bestowal. In this case, how will a virtual group work, since it also lacks leadership by a Rav?

My Answer: I am fully present in the virtual group. I am their teacher and every person is my student, if he desires to be and learns what I pass to him. Everything depends only on one’s desire.

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Disseminate Kabbalah on the Internet, But First Find Out How

Disseminate Kabbalah on the Internet, But First Find Out HowA question I received: If I create a Kabbalah related blog on LiveJournal and other virtual communities, is this considered dissemination?

My Answer: Kabbalah dissemination on the Internet, in all languages, is the most important kind of dissemination. Anyone can learn to do it, it’s free and accessible. However, you have to know which materials to disseminate and how, depending on the website (whether a forum, a social network, a scientific site, a site for families, and so on). You should first get in touch with our center of dissemination, in order to receive an explanation and an assignment. When fulfilling your part in the general dissemination, you have to do it systematically, together with others and in contact with them. And by doing so, you will become part of the common Kli.

The purpose of dissemination is:

1. To give every member of the worldwide Bnei Baruch group an opportunity to participate in the common work and thereby to become part of the common soul (Adam), or in other words, to receive the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) from the common soul. Without receiving from the common soul, a person studying Kabbalah will not have the sufficient desire and forces to attain the goal, the revelation of the Creator.

2. To give every person in the world the opportunity to find out “What is Kabbalah?” in his native language, in order to answer his question about the purpose of life and how to attain it.

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