Is a Gigantic Underground Particle Accelerator a Cause for Worry?

Is a Gigantic Underground Particle Accelerator a Cause for Worry?News Story (translated from “Lately there have been many publications in the mass media claiming that our planet is facing a catastrophe. The panic is caused by the announcement that a gigantic particle accelerator is about to be launched. Scientists refer to this construction, which is positioned one hundred meters into the ground, as the greatest achievement of human thought. They say that the accelerator will help us reveal many secrets of the universe. But this unique experiment also has many opponents, who believe that excessive inquiring into the secrets of matter and anti-matter will entail a global threat to humanity.”

My Answer: All our actions, as well as what comes before and after, are contained in the Creator’s plan from the beginning. They emerge there, appear in us as thoughts, and became transformed into actions, which we also carry out according to the Creator’s program. All of us are always in Him! Desires and thoughts descend to us from above, but we think they’re ours because their Source is concealed from us. “Our” desires and thoughts descend from above, from the Creator, even before we desire or think them, and this is what makes us desire and think the things we do.

Man has a limited perception of what’s happening, and that’s why he thinks that he produces his desires and thoughts on his own, and that he can change things in this world with his physical actions. But in truth, this can only be done from above, through the Creator, the Light, Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light). So I recommend calming down, since the scientists are like puppets and all their actions are dictated by the Creator.

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Drink Your Milkshake and Study Kabbalah

Drink Your Milkshake and Study KabbalahA question I received: I understand that corporeal acts have nothing to do with spirituality, but until a screen is acquired our acts are of the ego and take place in the corporeal world. If I desire a milkshake although I just ate and have no nutritional need for one, then do I resist this desire altogether and deny myself this treat? Do I have the milkshake because it is just a corporeal act and does not matter anyway? Or do I drink the milkshake and pretend that I am receiving for the sake of the Creator? I am seeking guidance on how to deal with the desires of the ego that come up in the corporeal world. Do we pretend? Do we fake it until we make it?

My Answer:
Religion and upbringing teach you to pretend, but Kabbalah only tells you to do one thing: attract the Upper Light by studying authentic Kabbalistic sources. After all, the Light created you, along with your desires and thoughts (your mind and heart), and hence only It can correct you. In order for your life to have results, the most important thing is to constantly be concerned with just one thing – the importance of the goal, and don’t bother trying to figure out how to handle thoughts that are remote from the goal. Then everything else will turn into temporary means that help you. So drink your milkshake and study Kabbalah!

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How Do You Explain Suicide?

How Do You Explain Suicide?A question I received: If the Creator is good and does good, there is a plan of creation, and everything is predetermined, then how do you explain suicide? What kind of correction should a soul perform in a body, if we don’t have freedom of choice and one’s suicide was predetermined in advance, from the root, since we are controlled by our root?

My Answer: Everything that has already happened was the Creator’s will. But as long as it hasn’t happened yet, it is up to a person. There is freedom of choice, otherwise we would be robots and there would be nothing to discuss – we would just have to exist! You have to understand the connection between the general governance and the private governance, HaVaYaH and Elokim. For more on this, see Baal HaSulam’s Letter from p. 61 – “If I Don’t Do It for Myself, Who Will Help Me?”

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Spiritual Labor Pains and the Future of Kabbalah (Advanced)

Spiritual Labor Pains and the Future of KabbalahEleven questions I received on the future of Kabbalah, the birth of the last generation, and spiritual leaders of the future

Question: Based on item 12 of Talmud Eser Sefirot, which describes the process of the soul’s conception, can we say and imagine that the current state of humanity – the approaching global crises, are like labor pains during the birth of the last generation?

My Answer: The forces pressuring us are the labor pains that are forcing us to leave our previous state.

Question: Is there a connection between the process of the fetus turning from the state of “head up” to the state of “head down,” the union of Keter and Malchut, and the efforts of Kabbalists?

My Answer: Absolutely, because humanity must change its approach to the world, its purpose and values, and start preferring bestowal to reception, love for one’s neighbor over love for oneself.

Question: Are Kabbalists responsible for making sure that the last generation will be born normal?

My Answer: Yes, because people won’t change without the dissemination of Kabbalah. [Read more →]