We Build Our Soul By Correcting the Reshimot That Come to Us (Advanced)

We Build Our Soul By Correcting the Reshimot That Come to Us (Advanced)Questions I received about Reshimot

Question: I’d like to ask about Reshimot: The point in the heart is a Reshimo, and Klipot are also Reshimot, but broken ones. What other kinds of Reshimot are “registered” in Kabbalah? There are probably more of them than elements in the periodic table!

My Answer: Reshimot accumulated during the common soul’s descent from its spiritual level of love and bestowal into reception and love for oneself. Altogether there are Reshimot from 125 levels of descent, and we have to correct them in the reverse order. By realizing these Reshimot in order, we ascend along their levels and reveal our spiritual senses, which feel the Upper Light, the Creator.

Question: How can a person tell what level are the Reshimot coming from, according to the special qualities of his individual soul? Do the Reshimot always come to help us grow and develop? And what about the Reshimot of the Klipot – why do they come to a person?

My Answer: Reshimot surface in us one after another, from below upwards, and they always become expressed in the form of broken levels (Klipot, the ego). By correcting them, we build our soul – the vessel in which we perceive ourselves, our spiritual life.

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Between the Lines – A Talk About Words and Letters

I had a conversation that was recorded titled “Between the Lines,” about words and letters. I spoke with:

Dr. Maxim Sokolov – an otolaryngologist specializing in voice and speech,

Shlomi Buhana – a doctorate student at Bar Ilan University,

Ben-Tzion Gertz – a writer and the host of the program.

Between the Lines

Language or speech is what separates humans from animals. Our throat is a special organ where all the forces of the body and soul come together. The five parts of the lungs supply air through the vocal chords into the five parts of the mouth, and the latter divides all sounds into five groups. A letter’s sound corresponds to its outline, numerical value (Gematria), and the section of the brain that sends out commands to the vocal apparatus. And all this happens according to the five parts of creation and the four-letter name of the Creator. In short, there is still a lot more to talk about!

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Attaining Correction With Less Bloodshed

Attaining Correction With Less BloodshedQuestions I received on possible dangers of disseminating Kabbalah

Question: Is there a danger that widespread Kabbalah dissemination will lead to another catastrophe for Israel, because Israel will be the source of Kabbalistic knowledge?

My Answer:
No catastrophe was ever caused by Kabbalistic knowledge, but just the other way around: the catastrophes were caused by a lack of Kabbalistic knowledge – including the last one, the Holocaust. They took place because people didn’t want to introduce the study of Kabbalah when it was already time to reveal it, when the period of darkness and exile (from spirituality) ended. Kabbalists prohibited the study of Kabbalah only during the period of the exile.

Question: Are you sure that the time for revealing Kabbalah has really come?

My Answer: The only thing that I’m sure of is that great Kabbalists like Baal HaSulam, Rav Kook, and others know the design of the world better than all the “blind” non-Kabbalists who try to object to them. The great Kabbalists know the Creator’s desire, and I am just a small student of theirs, carrying out their decree.

Besides, you should know that our words don’t change anything, and the world will keep following its path regardless. All of Kabbalah’s opponents will disappear, and real Kabbalists and their students will remain. The only reason for struggling against Kabbalah’s enemies is in order to attain correction faster and with less bloodshed.

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The Method of Attaining Happiness

I had a conversation that was recorded on the topic of happiness. I spoke with Oren Levi, manager of our Hebrew publishing department.


Happiness is fulfillment, because all of creation is the desire to be filled. The sensation of being filled is happiness. But when the desire becomes filled, the fulfillment nullifies the desire and the pleasure, and the person stops feeling the joy of fulfillment. So there’s no happiness in life, since we constantly pursue ways to satisfy our desire, but we only feel the sensation of happiness for a brief moment, before it disappears.

So it isn’t surprising that after all our life experience, many people no longer want to pursue such illusory happiness. Yet the sensation of life is the sensation of “desire and fulfillment,” and this goes on non-stop. So in the end, the only thing left to do is to limit yourself with religion or to fall into depression or drugs.

Kabbalah offers another, original solution, enabling a person to attain happiness that’s eternal and unbounded. It’s because he combines the desire and the fulfillment inside him, and the two don’t nullify each other once they are combined, but on the contrary, they only make each other bigger.

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What Does a Kabbalist Feel?

What Does a Kabbalist Feel?Two questions I received on how a Kabbalist feels the changes in this world and the Upper World

Question: Can a Kabbalist feel the improvement or worsening of his relationships with the Upper World?

My Answer: He feels it constantly.

Question: In a previous post, you wrote, “Your personal predestination is to bring the whole world to this state, because you are the only one who can do it.” This sentence, I suppose, implies that if there is an increasing number of people sincerely trying to ascend spiritually, then the whole of humanity will make certain improvement. Can you, as a Kabbalist, feel the change, and if so, is there any change currently – given the growing number of people becoming aware of the necessity to improve?

My Answer:
Certainly, it is felt directly, and it gives me the desire to disseminate Kabbalah – to give every person who desires to reveal the Creator (i.e., the meaning of his existence) the opportunity to encounter Kabbalah in his life – the method to develop spiritually and to reveal the Creator.

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