What Does a Kabbalist Feel?

What Does a Kabbalist Feel?Two questions I received on how a Kabbalist feels the changes in this world and the Upper World

Question: Can a Kabbalist feel the improvement or worsening of his relationships with the Upper World?

My Answer: He feels it constantly.

Question: In a previous post, you wrote, “Your personal predestination is to bring the whole world to this state, because you are the only one who can do it.” This sentence, I suppose, implies that if there is an increasing number of people sincerely trying to ascend spiritually, then the whole of humanity will make certain improvement. Can you, as a Kabbalist, feel the change, and if so, is there any change currently – given the growing number of people becoming aware of the necessity to improve?

My Answer:
Certainly, it is felt directly, and it gives me the desire to disseminate Kabbalah – to give every person who desires to reveal the Creator (i.e., the meaning of his existence) the opportunity to encounter Kabbalah in his life – the method to develop spiritually and to reveal the Creator.

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