The Method of Attaining Happiness

I had a conversation that was recorded on the topic of happiness. I spoke with Oren Levi, manager of our Hebrew publishing department.


Happiness is fulfillment, because all of creation is the desire to be filled. The sensation of being filled is happiness. But when the desire becomes filled, the fulfillment nullifies the desire and the pleasure, and the person stops feeling the joy of fulfillment. So there’s no happiness in life, since we constantly pursue ways to satisfy our desire, but we only feel the sensation of happiness for a brief moment, before it disappears.

So it isn’t surprising that after all our life experience, many people no longer want to pursue such illusory happiness. Yet the sensation of life is the sensation of “desire and fulfillment,” and this goes on non-stop. So in the end, the only thing left to do is to limit yourself with religion or to fall into depression or drugs.

Kabbalah offers another, original solution, enabling a person to attain happiness that’s eternal and unbounded. It’s because he combines the desire and the fulfillment inside him, and the two don’t nullify each other once they are combined, but on the contrary, they only make each other bigger.

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  1. that

    ‘s very intersting!

  2. This is very interesting. For a moment, I thought that Laitman had would say that happiness don’t existed…

    But, happiness is a combination between fulfillment and desire.

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