Life Goes On and It’s In Our Favor

Life Goes On and It\'s In Our FavorA question I received: I searched your name in Google and found an article about two people who studied Kabbalah at “Beit Kabbalah L’Am” and then dropped out of the classes. They said that it looks good at the beginning – free classes and free everything, but later you’re forced to pay 20% of your income – 10% for Maaser and 10% for books. They also said that you brainwash people, and that you told the husband to leave his wife and to get another one – someone you will introduce him to. What do you say to this?

My Answer: I say that there are many scoundrels in the world, and out of the 2,000,000 students studying with me, two of them happened to be this way. He’s Catholic and she’s Jewish. They lived in India and did drugs and all kinds of mysticisms for many years. He tried to find himself with us, but didn’t succeed because she was against it. And they aren’t married, by the way. When I saw her, I told him straight out, “Leave her or leave Kabbalah.”

Everything else they wrote about us are lies. Kabbalah’s enemies managed to find this couple, who agreed to talk about us this way. This story is already seven or eight years old.

So far our Kabbalah Academy is spreading and growing, and this is what matters. The entire world opposes Kabbalah, so you shouldn’t be surprised at how many opponents we have. I completely understand this and I don’t take their hatred personally. I see the hand of the Creator in it, according to the principle: “Go to the Pharaoh because I have hardened his heart.”

If I paid attention to the opponents personally, then I wouldn’t accomplish anything in my life. I understand the game that the evil forces are playing with me, and I don’t leave any room for them in my heart and mind – and without it, they die.

Life goes on and it’s in our favor! There are still many wars ahead of us, but all these wars aren’t against us – they are wars of man against himself, his nature.

The only things coming from outside that I pay attention to are comments about how I disseminate (but not about the meaning of the dissemination), in order to learn how to create a better external appearance for our material, to make it more suitable for people’s preferences and habits, so that its external form will attract people instead of pushing them away. And I’m trying to simplify the inner content as much as possible.

There’s no doubt that Kabbalah is repulsive to man’s nature and it will still scare many people away, and many will be intimidated by it. This is a battle of the ages – the battle between the Creator and Amalek, but its victorious finish can already be seen.

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  1. I found this couple on internet one day. They managed two uploaded their complain, and you are wright this was 7 or 8 years ago I think.
    At first when I starting study Kabbalah 4 years ago someone sent me the link of this couple complain and I have the feeling that was going to be my first obstacule for me to deal with. But of course later on after a couple of months I felt that Kabbalah was for me, I felt like it was meant for my search. Then sunddenly my first obstacule has vanished and all the rest of the obstacules didn´t have the strengh to stoped me doing what I love most.

    I´ll thanks Bnei baruch and the rest of the World Kli to gave the room where I can fit in their hearts and of course our Rav who give us his entire life to teach us and caring about us in our attainment to the truly spirituality.



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