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Get a JobTwo questions I received on approaching college studies

Question: I am a postgraduate student and I think that writing my thesis and mastering scientific skills could help me in the future with regard to disseminating Kabbalah, i.e. by helping include it in the scientific realm. However, I cannot actively get involved in such a job. The thought of worthlessness and incorrectness of all scientific research and fruitless theories is bugging me, and writing a thesis necessitates me to learn and know a bundle of stupidities. How can I motivate myself? Is it really needed for dissemination?

My Answer: If one has spiritual aspirations, and is confident that they are serious, long term and supported by his spouse, then this person needs to master a profession which will allow him to support his family, and then pursue spirituality, the soul’s correction. However, since you are already at postgraduate level, I would advise you to complete it, and then find a quiet job according your specialization, and dive into Kabbalah.

Question: I would like to know how long the feelings of emptiness and loneliness will last. How can I explain to my parents that I don’t want to go to college, that I don’t want anything except to study Kabbalah?

My Answer: Actually, Kabbalah obligates a person to get a job, get married and only then study Kabbalah. This world was created in complete harmony with the Upper World. If you use it contrary to the way the Creator provided it, you will not be able to attain equivalence with Him.

The order of resolving life’s problems is as follows:
* Specialization
* Job
* Wedding
* Kabbalah!!!

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  1. What is the correct way to arrange life for someone still in school and just starting college? Is it useless to study Kabbalah and disseminate until I’m employed and married?

  2. I love this post, the end bit sums up life’s ambitions perfectly, now that’s living

  3. Dear Rav, You have spoken and written a lot about marriage as a requirement or prerequiste for spiritual progress and attainment but I have a serious question about it.Many serious students have choosen BB/Arionline as their environment, they read and study BB materials and lessons with you/group, and they have you as their Rav (and those you appoint to instruct). Thus far they are following Kabbalists’ advise. But they are unmarried and there is no advise (in Kabbalah or is there?) for them on how to overcome the difficulties they face in finding a wife. We learn that as the ego has grown so has the separation between the sexes among other things. Hence the difficulties are imposed on us as a consequence of the general growth of the ego which continues to expand. Perhaps Kabbalists of the past did not write about these difficulties nor advise on how to deal with and overcome them (or did they?) because of the era in which they lived: an era in which dating and marriage were simple, uncomplicated, and relatively inexpensive right of passage to manhood unlike in this era. Most people, especially those that study with BB that are not married are not so because they “choose” not to be so that they can “live wide and free”. In fact some of us, who now want to be married want it only because Kabbalah says it is a must and not for any other reason. Generally, in the US and perhaps other places as well, marriage is becoming a thing of the past and Kabbalah students are not spared by the forces that created this phenomenon. Dating and marriage in today’s US and world economy is extremely costly and unaffordable to many of us. And many people today are not even able to provide for their basic neccesities. In addition, the “iron wall” that is erected between the sexes by the large ego is quite formidable if not impossible to overcome in its strength and power to keep the sexes separate and apart from each other. And we cannot without counsel from Above tear it down on our own will and power. Yet Kabbalah obligates us to meet this requirement with no advise for overcoming this aspect of the ego. Why is it so?As vital as marriage is for spiritual growth and attainment, shouldn’t modern Kabbalists provide advise for the unmarried ones among us on how to combat the enermous difficulties that our brothers face while trying to meet this requirement for spiritual advacement. After all, earlier Kabbalists gave us advise for other such requirements visa avis books, Rav, and group/dissemination?  The Ari, Baal Huslam, Rabbash, and even you, Rav endeavored to make Kabbalah adaptable or soothing to our generation; hence anyone can study it today. Shouldn’t modern Kabbalists likewise make this marriage requirement adaptable to the conditions of our generation and advise us accordingly? For instance, from what environment should we look for a wife; the spiritual environment (BB/Arionline) we have choosen/brought to or the larger worldly environment? If from our now virtual group, how can we do it?And by what criteria (Kabbalistic or worldly) should we proceed in our search for a spouse? It is understood that one does not “need” money to attract someone of the opposite sex, but a man needs to feel able to provide for himself and for his family. Nevertheless, it is quite difficult and extremely expensive nowadays to date and more so to get married.   I hope that modern Kabbalists (BB – Rav) will address this matter and give it their urgent attention that it cries out for; for from whom will one learn what to do (how to overcome the largest ego ever) if not from the one who sees and knows the root of things in this world from Above. Thank you.

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