Kabbalah – the Cure for Any Affliction

Kabbalah - the Cure for Any AfflictionA question I received: The state of Israel has fallen into a depression. The newspaper Yediot Ahronot stated that “According to data received from hospitals, there has been a 23% increase in the use of antidepressants and medicines against fear.” Are you in favor of using these medications?

My Answer: If a person is afflicted by depression or fear, or any other kind of illness, he should treat it through any means possible, and once it stops controlling him, he should start studying Kabbalah, because one way or another, there is and will never be any other medication. It’s written: “It [Kabbalah] will cure any affliction.”

It’s because the only thing that was created is desire. And then it received an intention – to use the desire either “for one’s own sake” or “for the sake of something outside of oneself” (for the sake of another, one’s neighbor, or the Creator). When the intention is “for the sake of another,” it makes the desire similar to the Creator – bestowing. And then, according to the law of equivalence, this desire becomes a vessel for the Upper Light, health, goodness, vigor, and eternal life!

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