Don’t Fight Against Anything But Your Own Laziness

The Only Thing You Should Fight is Your Own LazinessA question I received: Kabbalah teaches us that this world is just an illusion we depict inside our five senses, which conceals the true reality and the reason why the Creator created us. Since our egoism is related to our body, which is matter clothed in form, and since egoism is evil, then would it be correct to conclude that matter is evil, and our goal is to see beyond it into the spiritual realm? Or even more than that – to transform matter into its spiritual form? The more I study Kabbalah, the more I feel that it’s making me reject what my five senses are telling me. But of course I’m still operating and functioning in this physical world. The force of the physical world is very powerful and seductive, but it’s our obligation to fight against it.

My Answer: You shouldn’t fight against anything, except your own laziness in carrying out the instructions of Kabbalists in order to draw the Upper Light onto yourself. It will correct you, and then you’ll see how the two worlds are included one inside the other, and how everything adds up. Nothing was created in vain, but only to be used correctly. It’s a common human mistake to think that you have to correct yourself. The Upper Light created the desire, and only the Upper Light can change it. Nothing depends on the person, except making the correct plea for the Light to influence him.

Therefore, we are robots in every regard, and our only free action is a MAN – the request for correction – and Kabbalah teaches us how to do this. The fact that a person is completely governed is concealed from him, so that he won’t be coerced into reaching a connection with the Creator, but will reach it voluntarily. However, if we were to see how we are governed, we would immediately and involuntarily turn to the Light, the Creator.

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