Everything Comes From Kabbalah

Everything Comes From KabbalahA question I received: Islam also offers a method of attaining adhesion with the Creator – Sufism. And it’s also based on the same principle as Kabbalah – love thy neighbor. So if the main thing is to correct one’s egoism, to build a screen, then isn’t it possible for a person who’s following Islam to become corrected just like someone following Kabbalah?

My Answer: It’s your right to check and verify which method suits you best. However, you should know that everything comes from Kabbalah – for more on this, see the part of the Torah that talks about how Abraham taught “partial Kabbalah” to the children of his mistresses – meaning Kabbalah without the attainment of the Upper World, and then he sent them to the east. If you checked it for yourself, without believing anyone else and regardless of your ethnic background, and you found that Sufism suits you best, then stay in it – there is no coercion in spirituality.

All faiths and religions came from Kabbalah, from the search for the Creator, in order for man to go through a preliminary development, to prepare him to attain the Creator through studying Kabbalah. It’s written, “The peel (Klipa) protects the fruit” – it protects it from being destroyed until it ripens, and then the peel is removed and the fruit eaten. And this is what’s happening in our time!

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  1. Very good reply! Everything comes from Kabbalah. “And this what’ s happening in our time!”. We are very fortunate and lucky and very happy to live in these times that Kabbalah is revealed to us freely. What a beautiful and wonderful Revelation!Thank you Rav Miclael Laitman for revealing Kabbalah to the World. We just needed that. It it came into my life when I mostly needed it.

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